Living up to my full potential is the biggest dream I have for myself. I'm passionate about everything I do whether I'm writing an article for millions, producing a video for clients, acting in a production, or hosting a show. I have a Masters degree in Multimedia Communications and a Bachelors in Communication and Design Media Arts with two minors in Theater Performance and Broadcasting. 

My video production and media experience is vast and includes hosting, reporting, producing, writing, filming, and editing. My background is in broadcast and entertainment news where I had the pleasure of interviewing celebrities, movie directors, professional athletes, and politicians. I've wrote and produced videos for corporate companies and non profit organizations to capture their originality and inform their audience. My love of hosting, writing, and producing lead me to an opportunity to co-create, executive produce, write, and host a half hour magazine style sports show called SportsKnight. Writing is a cherished outlet for me to express opinions, epiphanies, and share experiences. I'm able to do that with over a million readers at Elite Daily and Taylor Magazine where my articles have seen as many as 52,000 Likes and Shares. 

Coming from a small farm town in Northern California giving back to my community is important. My recent project includes project managing the construction of a museum that will hold over 300 Chinese American artifacts from the mid 1800s. This museum will be in the Bok Kai Temple, one of the only Doaist temples still fully operating from that same time period. With the help of a Kickstarter campaign I created and directed we raised $23,000 plus another $25,000 in private donations to help construct this museum. Through the constant efforts of family, friends, the local Chinese community, and state historic departments the museum is hoped to be completed by early 2018.

My main long term goals are to write, produce, and host my own show as well as to become a well known face and talent within the entertainment industry for an ethnicity that is under represented. I would also like to design programs that will help give back to the community while working to inspire.