-videographer, editor

This video is to help UCSF Fitness & Recreation members use the new app. This video is one out of a series of five other tutorials I did for the app.  I wrote the scripts, recorded the voice overs, filmed, and edited the videos.

Producing videos for the UCSF Fitness & Recreation website, social media pages, and newsletters. Here is just a sample of one the videos I did for an outdoor 

bootcamp class. 

-producer, videographer, editor
-Producer, Videographer, editor

Snore track & snore coach

The Asian Pacific Fund is a non profit organization that provides support to the Asian community in the Bay Area. This video was produced to show prospective investors and those who want to get involved the type of work the Asian Pacific Fund does in the community. The video is shown on the company's website.

-Producer, editor

Asian Pacific Fund company Video

-Reporter, producer, writer

Interviewed the actors and directors of the movie "This Is The End" that was cut into an entertainment news story and aired on Channel 29.

"this is the end"

PRODUCER/ videographer





kickstarter video

Ucsf fitness & recreation

A Kickstarter video for new snoring and sleeping technology. Comprised of several different interviews consisting of testimonials, management interviews, and product information. 

-Actor, producer, writer

This video helped to successfully fund my Kickstarter campaign for creating a museum in one of the oldest taoist temples to exist in the Northern California. We ended up doubling our asked amount with donations still coming in from around California. Get more information about the project under my "Project Manager" page.