Being overprotective has always gotten a bad wrap.

We were the ones known as rebels, the ones who gave the adults a run for their money and drove our parents insane.

As I enter into my 26th year of existence on this earth, I feel as if I’ve spent the last few in a boxing ring with life.

Elite Daily

It’s easy to say adoption is life changing but to understand what that means is entirely different. We got a happy ending that we never even knew we wanted.

Taylor magazine

 Well, kid, you missed a show. My grandfather's first words to me as he lay helpless and frail in a hospital bed.


It’s that time of year again where all that is good in life comes pouring in by the pounds in the form of little yummy sugary treats, aiming to bring a smile to your face and potential inches to your waistline.

Coming from a big, ethnically diverse family I’ve always said that Thanksgiving with us is like “having dinner with the United Nations.”

I think the hardest part about following your dreams is the feeling of being lost at times.